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Global Web-Based Professional Services Platform

Business Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Asking Price: CA$ 1 Revenue: CA$ 1 Cash Flow: CA$ 1

Business Summary

The mission of the company is to inspire, empower, and support business owners to successfully sell their most personal asset, their business, for the most after tax dollars the market will support and for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-service firm to do the same. We expect you will find the program to deliver more value than any other, anywhere.

Who this service is for and who gets to reap the rewards: Nearly 90% of all businesses in North America are owned and operated by a sole owner or couple. Having worked with 100s of business owners to sell their business, we know there is 1 primary reason, 1 primary fear, why each owner chooses not to sell themselves. That reason is either a fear they do not have the expertise, they believe they do not know where to find qualified buyers, they would be unable to sell while keeping the process confidential, or they believe it will take too much of their time. We know this because we have asked nearly every client who chose to engage our full service offering and every prospective seller who connects with us.

When Gateway Business Brokers was started in 2009, we learned the success rate of the industry was pathetic, with only + or - 25% of all businesses put up for sale actually selling. Who would ever want to start a project of this importance with those odds? This was not acceptable. Our track record is 3x more effective than the industry average, with + 70% of our clients achieving a sale with the results they intended.

Many leading firms in the business brokering industry believe the use of their services help a business owner generate 20% or more value compared to selling alone. This is an acceptable benchmark, but we asked, why couldn't the same results be created selling alone?

Our Business Brokering Bible is a confidential framework providing step by step support and all the systems necessary to position you and your business to achieve a top dollar sale for a fraction of what it would cost if you hired a professional to do the same work. The idea you do not have the expertise, or your time is not valuable enough, or you do not have access to qualified buyers is just an illusion.

If you are ready to give yourself the gift of knowledge, growth, and the rewards of selling your most personal asset, your business, then this is for you. Now is the time. Allow us the privilege to inspire, empower, and support you through every step of selling your business.

Financial Information
We are seeking affiliates who have the ability to connect with, influence, and create commitments with a wide range of small businesses owners. The more people you get to attend our special webcast training and then sign up, the bigger the impact, checks and prizes you are able to receive. You will earn commissions ranging from 25% - 45% on each sale - and each time someone raises their hand you help someone enhance their own life by connecting them to the education and tools needed to successfully sell their most personal asset.

Whether your strong point is email, blogs, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, etc, we will have you covered. We will send you every marketing asset needed to create a powerful & professional buzz so your followers register and then fight to get on-board.

Minimum Equity Required

Work at home or anywhere you like.

Currently in Valuation stage

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